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Last Updated: 8/11/2020 4:43 PM

Juniors and Seniors! Check out Google Classroom for scholarship postings and the Muskingum County
Community Foundation and Scholarship Central
for LOCAL scholarships.

Most local scholarships are not posted until Mid-December and most are only available to seniors. Every scholarship from local businesses and organizations that are sent to the counseling office will be posted in Google Classroom, in a classroom called "SCHOLARSHIPS" starting in December! Every senior is automatically added to the Scholarships Classroom. If parents would like to join, the classroom code is ui52zgv.

The Scholarship search engines below have scholarships available for juniors and seniors now, and are designed to help you find scholarships that are specific to your interests and your needs. Be sure to pay attention to the criteria for each scholarship and make sure you match that criteria! Criteria examples include, grade level (junior or senior), anticipated major, minimum grade point average, involvement in extra-curricular activities, etc. 

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The Best Scholarship Search Platforms


*A lot of your scholarship money (financial aid) will come from the specific college that you are going to attend. To be eligible to receive financial aid from any post-secondary school you MUST fill out a FAFSA (make sure to attend a Financial Aid help night)!  After you apply and are accepted to the college or university of your choice, you will then receive an initial offer of scholarships and grants that you qualify for based off of academic achievements and financial need. Later, you will receive a full offer that includes need-based grants, work-study, and loans. You may also research the college you are attending for competition-based scholarships; most of these are awarded to fall applicants.