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Criteria for the Honors Diploma

Last Updated: 4/21/2022 3:10 PM


Criteria for Diploma with Honors for the Graduating Class of 2012 and Beyond

The student who completes the high school Academic Pathway must meet at least 7 of the following 8 criteria:


Math 4 units
Science 4 units, including 2 units of advanced science
Social Studies 4 units
World Languages 3 units of one world language, or no less than 2 units of each of two world languages studied
Fine Arts 1 unit
GPA 3.5 on a 4.0 scale
ACT/SAT ACT: 27 or higher/SAT: 1280 or higher


The student who completes an intensive Career-Technical Education Pathway must meet at least 7 of the following 8 criteria:


Math 4 units
Science 4 units, including 2 units of advanced science
Social Studies 4 units
World Languages 2 units of one world language
Electives 4 units of career-technical courses
GPA 3.5 on a 4.0 scale
ACT/SAT/WorkKeys ACT: 27 or higher/SAT: 1280 or higher/WorkKeys: 6 or higher on Reading for Information and 6 or higher on Applied Mathematics
Field Experience Complete a field experience and document the experience in a portfolio specific to the student’s area of focus.
Portfolio Develop a comprehensive portfolio of work based on the student’s field experience or a topic that is related to the student’s area of focus.
Additional Assessments Earn an industry-recognized credential or achieve proficiency benchmark for appropriate Ohio Career-Technical Competency Assessment or equivalent.



Have the science requirements for the Career-Technical Education Diploma with Honors changed?

Yes. Since some career pathways require different science courses, the Career-Technical Education Pathway requires two advanced sciences to fulfill those qualifying criteria.


What courses constitute "advanced sciences"?

Advanced science refers to courses in the Ohio Core that are inquiry-based with laboratory experiences and align with the 11/12th grade standards (or above) or with an AP science course, or with the new high school syllabi, or with an entry-level college course (clearly preparing students for a college freshman-level science class, such as anatomy, botany, or astronomy), or contain material above the current OGT level.


Would two units in one foreign language and a single unit in two other foreign languages meet the foreign language requirement?

No. Three units in the same language or two units in two other foreign languages are needed to meet that requirement.


May courses in American Sign Language be used to meet the foreign language requirement?

Yes, American Sign Language may count toward the foreign language requirement if offered for credit.


How is the grade point average calculated?

The student must achieve a grade point average (GPA) of 3.5 on a 4.0 scale. If a district's grading policy includes the use of weighted grades in calculating a student's grade point average, (e.g., awarding five points for an "A" in an honors course), then the district must convert the weighted grade to the GPA equivalent on a 4.0 scale to determine if the GPA criterion for the Diploma with Honors has been met.


Do you round up to determine the GPA?

No. The GPA must be a minimum of 3.50 to qualify for the Diploma with Honors.


What is meant by “up to the last grading period of the senior year”?

Students can meet grade point average (GPA) criteria by having a total GPA of at least 3.50 at mid-year of their senior year, in accordance with district policy regarding graduation from high school.


Do courses taken in the postsecondary education options program count toward the Diploma with Honors?

Yes. Diploma with Honors rules specifically allow for postsecondary options to count toward Diploma with Honors credit. Caution: Check with the school to determine how PSEO units are calculated.