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course Syllabus

West Muskingum High School Art I Syllabus

Kelsey Middleton, Instructor                                                              email: kmiddleton@westmschools.org



This introductory art course examines the visual arts in what is known as the formalist approach. This semester, the major focus of this course will be on the elements of art – line, shape, form, color, value, texture, and space.  Students will explore the ways that well known artists have used these basic building blocks of art. We will explore many artists, styles & media and develop technical & critical skills.  Activities include studio projects, reading, writing, group activities, videos and quizzes.  All activities count toward your grade.

Daily Classroom Expectations:

1.  I will be creative.

2.  I will be positive.

3.  I will be respectful.

4.  I will be responsible.

5.  I will be on task.



*  Be respectful of all people in the classroom.  Each student will be respectful of the teacher and will not impede classroom instruction through disruptive behavior or tardy entry to class. Be respectful of other students, and treat others in a mature and thoughtful manner.

*  Be respectful of the art materials. Respect all art materials. They are to be treated in a professional manner. Take proper care of the brushes. Do not be wasteful of paint and paper. Do not write on the tables. Do not go in the art room storage rooms unless directed otherwise.

*  Effort. Students are expected to participate fully in all classroom activities. No student is expected to be an accomplished artist upon entry into the class. The expectation is that the student will develop skills, through practice, during the semester. Students will use all class time for ART class work only. All other course work being done in art class will be confiscated and given to the corresponding teacher.

*  Horseplay in the classroom. No horseplay of any kind will be tolerated in the Art classroom. Horseplay endangers students and those around them as well as putting creative endeavors at risk.

*  Communication. If you are having a problem with this class do not assume that I know.  It is your responsibility to communicate with me, so that you will have a successful experience.  I can not help with what I do not know.

*    Class Dismissal. You are dismissed by the teacher only after all supplies and materials are accounted for, stored properly and the room is cleaned. If student leaves before area is not cleaned up, a detention will be given.

*    Bathroom Policy. Student must sign out on the sign out sheet on Mrs. Middleton’s desk to go to the restroom or office. Student must take the corresponding pass with them. Student is not permitted to be upstairs during art class and are not to use the restroom on a daily and habitual basis during class.




Infractions of Rules:

ALTERNATIVE ASSIGNMENTS WILL BE GIVEN TO STUDENTS WHO DO NOT PROPERLY USE THE CLASS PERIOD OR SUPPLIES APPROPRIATELY. Examples of behavior that would warrant alternative assignments are misuse of art materials, distracting behavior or disrespectful behavior.


1st offense: Verbal reminder by teacher

2nd offense: Discussion with teacher about infraction/possible detention

3rd offense: Detention


Grading policy:  Each student is graded on an individual basis. No cross-class comparisons will be made. I grade on my expectations of you and your growth as an individual. Grading Rubrics will be available to you from the time projects are assigned and must be handed in with the project. Rubrics explain exactly what you’ll be graded on because I use them to grade your work. Keep this in mind and refer back to it often while you’re working. Your projects will be graded with the following criteria in mind:

Effort- this means always striving for your personal best
Craftsmanship- you have taken your time and done a careful and neat job
Creativity/Originality- you have developed your own idea and not copied someone else's
Following instructions- you have met the criteria outlined for each assignment


10-A = Excellent, outstanding effort, exceeds expectations; “WOW!!!”

9-B = Strong work, very good

7-8-C = Fair, adequate, looks finished.

5-6-D/F= work does not demonstrate Ohio standards and may be amended and resubmitted for an improved grade




Art 1 Curriculum

Elements:  Line, shape, form, texture, color, value, space 

Media:  pencil, pen, collage, colored pencil, charcoal, acrylic paint, watercolor paint ceramics, mixed media sculpture

Units of study:  Line, composition, value, perspective, color/painting, figure drawing & portraiture



1. Absences & tardies interfere with your learning & success.  Be here, on time.

2. If you are absent, it is YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to find out what you missed & make it up ASAP.


Deadlines: Reasonable deadlines will be given for assignments. If you cannot finish by the deadline, you must talk to the teacher before it is due. If the assignment is not turned in on time, everyday it is late is 10 points off the total


Dear Students, Parents, and Guardians:

                I am delighted about your interest in fine arts and about working with you this semester.  Hopefully, this syllabus has provided sufficient information regarding curriculum, expectations and grading policy. The keys to success in this program are regular attendance, a positive attitude and good work habits.  If you have questions, please ask.  I read email daily and respond promptly.

               I anticipate that this class will be an exciting, productive experience and look forward to sharing art work with parents, the school and the community.  Check out our twitter page to see our work throughout the semester by following @art_west


Your signature below acknowledges that you are aware of and support these expectations for your student.                                                                                              




WMHS Art Teacher, Kelsey Middleton


I understand the rules, expectations and consequences of this class. I also understand how I am being evaluated and graded and have read and understand this syllabus and have asked questions about the procedures and expectations. I will give my best effort toward meeting class expectations. If I have future questions, I will contact the teacher using the information located at the top of page one.


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Parents/Guardians: Students are asked to show you the course syllabus. Please sign here to let me know that happened. Thank you. *Return it signed by:____________________________________________________



Parent/Guardian (printed): ________________________________________________   


Signature: _________________________________________________________________


Parent’s email address:  ____________________________________________________


Course goals

  1. Demonstrate basic skill building in drawing and painting production, applying the fundamentals of the elements and principles of fine art and design.
  2. Experience not only art production, but also artistic philosophy, art criticism, and art history.
  3. Analyze and make critical assessments about artworks.
  4. Respond appropriately to a variety of inquiries related to the curriculum.
  5. Produce artwork that shows individual creativity and problem solving ability.



Course Objectives

  1. Students will design individual artworks based on design elements and principles as well as responses to historical, philosophical and cultural prompts.
  2. Students will use appropriate vocabulary in the verbal and written description and analysis of their work.
  3. Students will participate in historical and cultural discussions about the philosophy of art.
  4. Student s will create artwork of acceptable quality using the techniques of graphite drawing, pen and ink, colored pencil, water color, watercolor, multi-media collage, ceramics, 3-d media, and acrylic paints.